GOOGLE | Go Time

  • Hannah E. Davies
  • Lisa Berenson
  • Asfand Yar Saeed
  • Karam Moore
  • krishna tiwari
  • Joe Kibria
  • Nana Bempah

Not a lot of Android users know that Google Assistant is built right into their phones and ready to respond anytime, even when they're on the move. Enter 'Go Time' — an awareness campaign, focused around playful product demos, that showcases the most useful ways Google Assistant can help out in those moments when you really can't stop to use your phone. Originally briefed in as a banner campaign, we pitched a new idea (with versatility and added urgency) back to the client, resulting in this series of five films (and multiple social assets), that ran in the UK and France.

Creative Lead: Lisa Berenson
Creatives: Hannah Davies, Joe Kibria, Lewis Beaton
Producers: Nana Bempah, Madonna Arsan
Director: Dan Castella
Production: Hoi Polloi
Editor: Julian Eguerian