GOOGLE | Make Sense on Mobile

  • Hannah E. Davies
  • Asfand Yar Saeed
  • Karam Moore
  • Dom O'Hare
  • Josh Denton
  • Lisa Berenson

An irreverent ensemble film that demonstrates what happens when business owners don't invest in decent mobile sites. Taking our cues from terrible UI, we took online interactions into the real world to make a hair-tearing montage in which bad customer experiences lead to negative consequences.

Shot in two days on a super lean budget, we worked with the brilliant crew at Hoi Polloi to deliver the 90" hero film along with a series of five 30" single scene cut downs — and some bonus gifs thrown in for good measure.

The films have been shown at a variety of global tech events, including Conversions@Google in Dublin, Google Marketing Live in San Francisco and Mobile World Congress.
Creatives: Hannah Davies & Josh Denton
Creative Lead: Lisa Berenson
Strategy Lead: Dom O'Hare
Producers: Alejandra Ravassa (Phantom) / Pete Shuttleworth (Hoi Polloi)
Director: Dan Castella
DOP: Carlos Catalan
Editor: Chris Coupland

Production: Hoi Polloi
Sound: Absolute Post