Stop & Search

  • Hannah E. Davies
  • Sakura Rimal
  • Sarah Grech
  • Zuki Sedgley
  • Daniel Kelly
  • Martin Fürst
In the UK, racism is very, very real. But its insidious impact is often diminished, especially when compared to more overt attacks on POC and minority communities in the US.

To raise awareness of the country's systemic biases, we took to the streets with a campaign rooted in one of its most racist policies: Stop & Search.

Using this as our call to action, and a visual language inspired by civil rights protests, we showed how easy it is to get educated on the inequalities people face.

On launch, the campaign was shared by hundreds, most notably by London's Black Lives Matter group.

Creative Lead: Zuki Sedgley
Creative + Design: Sarah Grech, Dan Kelly, Martin Fuerst, Sakura Rimal, Hannah Davies
Agency: Phantom