Google Go Time

  • Hannah E. Davies

Showcasing Google Assistant's helpfulness for those who don't have the luxury of stopping for answers on the go. Driving usage on Android devices is an important goal for Google Assistant, but not everyone feels totally at ease talking to Google Assistant on their phone yet. Our solution is born from a simple insight: People are far more likely to use voice commands on their phone whilst walking somewhere, rather than standing around in public. And this ‘go-time’ time is precisely when our minds wander and remember those niggling, but important things we need to do. The insightful and funny campaign demonstrates how Google Assistant can help you get more done in your in-between time. Whether it’s getting directions while in a rush, texting a friend to say you’re running late, or setting that reminder while it’s fresh to mind. We created five bespoke social film executions which we adapted to appear across multiple formats on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter in both the UK and France.