• Sakura Rimal
  • Sarah Grech

Crafting a crowdsourced identity for a bold social enterprise. Foundervine helps underrepresented people imagine, start and grow new ventures. They do this through training programmes, a network of professionals and a strong community of founders. We were challenged to refresh their existing visual and verbal identities without losing the close connection they have to this community of Viners. Their varied stakeholders, new founders and established businesses, meant the identity had to be both casual and corporate, warm and authoritative. We worked closely with the team to understand how to create a brand that meets their aspirations for the organisation and speaks to their personality - authoritative, ambitious, nimble and people-driven. We used this direction to determine their brand purpose - opening doors for bold founders - as well as redesign their logo, structure their tone of voice and develop comprehensive brand guidelines. From start to finish, the process was crowdsourced. After every stage, the Foundervine team would bring our work to their community of Viners, asking for feedback and input from the people that know them best. Together, we created a meaningful brand identity, bringing them closer to their vision of a business landscape that includes all people.