Google Be Internet Legends

  • Matt Thomas
  • Matt Booy
  • Hannah E. Davies
  • Dan Viveiros
  • Milda Seiliute
  • Jamie Nicoll
  • Emily Shorvon

Teaching lessons in legendary online behaviour with an empowering guide to digital safety. While Google’s Be Internet Legends programme is helping school children learn how to navigate the online world with confidence, parents — who face increasing anxiety over their family’s digital safety — are still being left out of the loop. To bridge the knowledge gap, we created the Be Internet Legends Parents Page — a useful resource full of internet safety tips, tools, and advice that helps parents and children learn together. Based on the five key pillars of the Be Internet Legends curriculum, the site gives concerned parents clear guidance on topics like cyberbullying, scams, and safe sharing, to help inform and empower them. Launched in June 2020, the site was immediately featured on Google UK’s homepage, helping to equip parents with essential safety knowledge during the COVID-19 lockdown.