Entrepreneurship is the new women's movement

  • Rossella Forlè
  • Caroline Scapin

The online event curated by We Hate Pink to support women in business.

“I just got laid off from my job and I have no idea how I’m going to pay my bills and provide for my kids now…”

One week into quarantine, I received this text message from one of my close friends. She wasn’t the only one.
Over the past few months, the pandemic has changed everyone’s lives.

The Britain of 2020 would have been unimaginable to people last year. GDP has dropped by over 20%, 7.5 million people are out of work and the number of people claiming benefits has doubled.

Women, in particular, have been hit hard by the crisis. Whilst great strides have been made to close the gender funding gap in recent years, it’s clear that the pandemic has posed significant challenges to most female-led companies.

The UK has over 600,000 female entrepreneurs who are mothers, many of whom have found that increased childcare responsibilities during the crisis have impacted on their work.

However, female-led businesses are strong and are fighting back. Despite this impact, more than 60% of female founded, equity-backed businesses are now operating with minimal disruption to their business.
Entrepreneurship has never been more important, and it is vital that the pool of entrepreneurial talent is not limited by arbitrary factors such as gender.

So, if you’re ready to pursue your dreams of working from home… this talented panel will make you realise you don’t need a fancy home/office or even a business degree, you just need renewed hope, inspiration and resilience.

During this panel we will discuss:
  • What you can do to start or grow your business from home
  • The opportunities out there - loans, grants & funds for female-led start-ups and businesses
  • Resilience - the ability to make lemonade out of lemons to support yourself and your family no matter what it takes
  • How to sell your product online

  • Lauren Sergy, Owner, Up Front Communication
  • Eleonor Turner, Head of Events, Bulgari Hotels
  • Yanyn San Luis, CEO, The Win Woman

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