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I was commissioned last year through this platform by EO Charging. They were looking for a photographer to collaborate with on all levels. I'm really happy some of this work has started to come out now after their announcement to be the hardware supplier for the new Amazon electric fleet. Exciting times ahead, I'm really looking forward to working with the team more. Getting deliveries to your door in a more sustainable way presents a challenge. Thanks to our collaboration with Mercedes-Benz Vans, we have added over 1,800 zero-emission electric vehicles to our fleet in Europe, including over 500 e-vans for our delivery service providers and their drivers to deliver orders to customers in the UK. All those new vans need to be charged. To power them, Suffolk-based EO Charging has designed, manufactured and installed a network of electric charging stations. Working similar to a vehicle equivalent of your phone or laptop charger, the charging stations ensure that drivers can operate the new electric vans in a more efficient way. So far, more than 800 of these chargers have been installed at UK Amazon sites, and hundreds more will follow. - Amazon Blog


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