| EPITHUXIKHARMONIE | Jewellery Campaign

  • Maxime Ephritikhine
  • Pierre Mao
  • Sasha Grigorik

I had the absolute pleasure of collaborating with two very talented artists I met on The Dots. They joined me to create those beautiful images for the launch of my first jewellery collection for EpithuxikHarmonie London. My desire was to create an esthetic that was both ethereal with some botanical elements but also quite earthy with a few mineral and sturdy elements. I wanted the images to bring out the refined elements of the jewellery design, while also highlighting the durability of the materials and the fact that these items have been designed to stand the test of time. Photographer - Pierre Mao @pierremao Botanical Designer - Sasha Grigorik @mos.london Creative Direction & Still Life Stylist - Maxime Ephritikhine @maaaxance The full collection is available at : https://www.epithuxikharmonie.com as well as : https://www.instagram.com/epithuxikharmonie/