Escape - Campaign Planning for Jigsaw ( University Group Project)

Project: Escape
Creative Directors: Kelly Chan Wing Kiu, Marta Rupnik, Maria Aranda
Photographer: Peter Butterworth
Photographer Assistant: Callum Inskip
Stylists: Shania Myandra Savira, Clothilde Tresca
MUA: Carlyn Griscti
Models: Maria Goad, Louis Dzidzornu ( Tidecasting)
We grew deeply passionate about the brand, Jigsaw, after looking into its collection and heritage. One aspect that particularly caught our attention is past campaigns; specifically the love immigration and 90s campaigns by Juergen Teller. 
Another important aspect in our research was the work that Jigsaw did with both new and well established artists; in particular the collaboration with the poet Inua Ellams who’s poems were source of inspiration for the AW collection. 
The Jigsaw pieces we were working with for this project were all from Winter 2017. The themes that inspired this collection all derive from the concept of nature. We decided to carry this concept across to the styling by using a nature-tone color palette; focusing on the shades of yellow ochre, petroleum blue and anthracite gray.
When styling we also wanted to emphasize the themes of perfection in simplicity (which connects us to the quality of design of Jigsaw clothing); versatility; gender neutrality and attention to details. 
Nature was a source of inspiration even when thinking about location for this campaign. We wanted to convey a theme of escape that stands for both the contrast between city attire in nature settings and immigration. To tie ourselves to the brand heritage even further, we decided to pick a location that represented British culture. 
We couldn't think of anything more fitting than the scenes of farmlands in Kent; which at this time of year, carry the same tones as the ones from our styling color scheme.
The 90's campaigns by Juergen Teller, were our main source of inspiration when looking at photography. These reflect the current collection and link back to the element of heritage. Furthermore, to continue with the theme of perfection in simplicity, we decided to shoot in film to recreate that timeless aesthetic. When selecting our photographer, Peter Butterworth was the obvious choice as perfection in simplicity and working in analogue are key constants in his work.
In order to reinforce the connection between our project and the love immigration campaign, we chose British models with immigrant heritage. Youth and opportunity were brought into the mix by casting models between the ages of 16 and 24. This was done in an attempt to shift the target market more towards a younger audience. Our model selection was composed of one male (18) and one female (21) This was helpful to facilitate the shift of target market further into the younger generation with the concept of gender neutrality.
To stay within our theme, we chose a natural look for the models. We believe that by using minimal makeup and hair we visually represent perfection in simplicity. 
Also, as our campaign is inspired by Jigsaw's recent love immigration campaign, clean and simple makeup enhances the natural features of the ethnically diverse models and showcases their heritage and roots.
We are very happy to work with Makeup Artist, Carlyn Griscti as she perfected the Natural Beauty Looks.
Jigsaw's past collaborations with poet Inua Ellams greatly inspired us to look further into poetry.
Rupi Kaur's poem Accent resonates deeply with our theme Escape.
For us, escaping means to be able to move freely, therefore we wanted to demonstrate that idea into a video and worked with the videographer Max Wu who’s work specializes on movement.  As all five members of the group are actually immigrant we saw it fitting to use our own voices to read the poem in order to bring it to life even further.

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Kelly Chan

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