Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Facebook IX

  • Craigh 'Tr' Lewis

As Creative Director and Project Lead at Manning & Gottlieb OMD, I delivered this Instant Experience for the Estee Lauder's ANR Serum. The execution was to provide an explorative environment within which users could learn about the reasons a skin serum is a crucial part of any beauty regime as well as the common causes for skin fatigue. qWorking with the social ads team within the OMD group, we created 3 versions of the launch creative that centred around the 3 primary causes of skin dullness, then made recommendations for when the ads might be promoted. For example, one of the in feed launch creatives focussed on the blue light your mobile emits at night and we recommended this ad going live from 8 -11pm in order to tie in with users natural behaviour.