Europafilter: New Website - Digital Content (2015)

Development and design of a new website for a rapidly expanding Swedish oil filter company. The graphics were secondary to the content, so I started from scratch.
I researched the related markets and competitors, worked my way through reams of technical information and drew up a short list of must-haves for the content. Once I had the basics, i.e. who we are, what we do, why we're great, etc. I could begin to allocate the content in order of priority.
Once I had a general layout, I met with the client, together with my graphics collaborator on the project and presented my outline. They loved it, we went ahead and they loved the final results even more.
I take no responsiblity for any information that was added by the client after the project (e.g. Our Products).
“Tack för gott arbete, en bra ide har blivit finslipad till perfektion!!”
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