Eve Sleep - Switch Off

  • Megan Egan

How’d you sleep last night? We’ve all been there - double-screening into the early morning and binge-watching our favourite Netflix series instead of getting those precious eight hours. As a nation, we’re sleep deprived. And with the sh*tshow that is 2020, things have only got worse. We partnered with Eve Sleep to help the nation switch off by taking over late-night TV, social media and gaming apps with an iconic image from the past - Test Card F - which symbolised the end of television. A time when all programming finished and everyone turned off their screens and hit the hay. It’s almost unimaginable now. Using a blend of live action and animation, we brought the test card into the modern world with a brand new test card girl (Tallulah Conabeare) to boot, creating a series of films and DOOH designed to transform blue light zombies into dozing dreamers. I can’t lie, it was a really fun project. Thanks to all the wonderful people at Eve, Kode and everyone else in between for making this happen. And we have 4 more films in the series coming soon! Client: Eve Sleep Director: Locky (Kode) Animator: Aivaras Seduika Music: Si Hulbert Sound: George Castle (GCRS) Account: Jasmine Portman & Ciara O’Brien Producer: Lewis O’Brien, Anthony Taylor, Jack Goodwin Designer: Alissa Metsnik CCOs: Ben Middleton & Stu Outhwaite-Noel

Channel 4

Our message also took over 4OD late into the night, giving viewers tips on how to switch off whenever they paused a programme.
Sweet Dreams

We didn’t just stop at TV. Our films intercepted mobile gaming apps such as Candy Crush between the hours of 10pm - 4am, reminding those late-night gamers to give their thumbs a rest.


Our posters went live across the UK at 10pm, just as the pub curfew kicked in to remind the public it’s the perfect excuse to switch off.