Expert Outlook 2021 – Make Believe

  • Josephine Colter

Canvas8's 2021 Expert Outlook is here. After a year full of unexpected twists and turns, we're helping you come back even bigger and better in 2021. We spoke to 50 diverse experts – everyone from sommeliers and gynecologists to Ivy League professors and even a former senior advisor to the US Secretary of State – to get you the scoop on how brands can best prepare for an uncertain 2021. Our expert outlook reports and macro theme will help you get the jump on the behavioral trends that are set to impact your business in the new year. We've broken down the strangest things from this year, from Tiger King mania to FikFok and everything pretending to be a cake, to reveal what it means for human behavior. 62 behaviors. 50 experts. 15 sectors. 4 agendas. See why 2021 is the year we 'Make Believe'. Download now: