EXT-90 – Streetwear Clothing Brand

  • Ty Hancocks
EXT-90 is a streetwear clothing brand inspired by the 90’s era. The brand ideology mimics modern day culture by ironically poking fun at today’s society through an array of clothing, print and digital messages. 
We believe that modern society has become a cause for concern. We've become more dependent on technology than ever before and technology addiction is on the rise. Many individuals spend hours a day on different devices, browsing the internet and different social media platforms. The repercussions of this are already noticeable with an alarming rate of children and young adults growing up with a distorted concept of reality and having major insecurities and lower self-esteem than previous generations. 
Extension-90's goal is to mock social norms that we've become accustomed too.  It attempts to get people to revert-back to the good old days and to 'switch off and dream about what might have been'.