Faber Futures x Studio Crême

  • James Earls
  • Nick Bell
  • Toby Wilkinson
  • Natsai Chieza

Made possible by ASK US FOR IDEAS.

Faber Futures is a biodesign lab fusing design thinking with living biological systems to generate scalable models for sustainable futures.
Faber Futures' incredibly talented founder, Natsai Audrey Chieza, came to ASK US FOR IDEAS earlier this year with a desire to collaborate with a small studio to visually communicate Faber Futures' identity.
We were thrilled to be able to help, connecting Natsai with three agile, talented small teams all with a passion for the project.
Natsai selected Studio Crême for the project after a number of open discussions and the collaboration has resulted in some fantastic visuals.
James Earls, Co-Founder and Creative Director of Studio Crême.
'Working with Natsai (founder of Faber Futures) was a truly collaborative process. We aligned very quickly on ideas and got the best out each other during that process and have developed a lasting working relationship.
We got to see how Design can help evolve and forge a part of a business, in this case the visual language we developed for Faber Futures helped Natsai focus in on core pillars of her approach.'
Natsai Chieza. Founder of Faber Futures.
'AUFI put together a stellar roster of talent and cultivated enthusiasm to work on this project. I’m really happy to say that I decided to go with my chosen agency based on my instinct and our open discussion. So again, thank you (AUFI) for making this process pain free and to the point. I hope we can work together in the not too distant future.' 
Natsai Chieza, Founder of Faber Futures.
“Communication should expose both parallels and dichotomies between design and science, while finding beauty in the hopeful space where friction gives rise to unprecedented possibility."
James Earls, Co-Founder and Creative Director of Studio Crême.
"It seems to me that AUFI truly understood the similarities in our worlds and made a really good call on introducing us.
AUFI really nailed it on this introduction.
The project turned out to be an ideal brief for us and in addition, Natsai is a great person to work with."


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