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London, United Kingdom


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At Faber Futures, we believe that answers to some of the biggest challenges facing this planet can be found in nature. By learning from living systems and integrating design, biology and technology, our mission is to identify and initiate holistic pathways to sustainable material futures. Over 3.8 billion years, biology has evolved to rapid prototype, recycle and replenish better than any system ever engineered by humans. What if we could harness the inherent intelligence of nature, to make things from living systems? Technologies like synthetic biology are enabling the at-scale implementation of industrial processes in which living organisms can be programmed to demonstrate specified behaviours or produce high-performance and sustainable materials. By leveraging advanced tools for biological engineering and industrial fermentation, we can radically change how we design, fabricate, distribute, experience our materials, products and services. At Faber Futures, we unlock the vital tools, methods and frameworks to drive planet-centred product development for an emerging biomanufacturing industry.

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