Fables in Fabirc

  • Cressida Dobbs

In Cressida’s most recent work she has been inspired by Aesop’s Fables - short and seemingly simple stories that convey complex messages. She was drawn to the proverbs that end every story, which can still be heard in daily life today. The fashion collection has been created through the use of illustrative embroidery to create the scenes. Applique is has used to build block shapes and then embellished on top to add texture . Stitch and digital print have creating the scenery as if in a theatre.

This piece is inpired by The fox and the grapevine Aesop fable. An embroidered fox takes the centre of this piece with laser cut leaves placed around the outside, then embellishment was added to create bunches of grapes.
This design was inspired by The Cockerel and the Pearl fable, written by Aesop. The piece has been embroidered by CAD machine and then elements of hand sewing have been added to the body and tail. I created barley on the sewing machine. The cockerel finds a pearl in the ground, but would prefer to have a single grain of barley, than a jewel.
This is a digital print of my interpretation of The Fox and the Grapevine fable. Gold foil and laser cut leaves were added. The fox jumps at a grapevine to try and get the grapes to quench his thirst on a hot sunny day.
This piece is embroidery inspired by The Dove and the Crow fable. Elements of hand sewing and embellishments have been added to en ahance texture and the aesthetic. The dove can't enjoy her blessings (babies) until she has freedom.
This design is inspired by The Stag by the Pool, when he see's a lion and runs into the woods. His much admired antlers get caught and contribute to his downfall.
A digital print inspired by The Peacock and the Jay fable.
Some visualisations