Fabrik Conditioner 20.09

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The latest in the world of creators, featuring Léo Cannone, Ben Wright, Cable Magazine, Esmoreit Lutters, Pixel Activist, David Edwards, Sam Saunders, Hadrien Vedel, Anders Nils, Archie Short, Craig Bingham, Duke Scully, Sam Huntley and Favourite Colour: Black.

Léo Cannone, Director and Photographer, Paris

As summer draws to an end let’s take a moment to appreciate French Director and Photographer Léo Cannone.

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Maker Series, Chapter 34

Luke Scully is an established Director of Photography and the founder of Out + About which introduces talent, picks their brains and combines creative superpowers for the greater good.

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Ben Wright, Photographer, UK

Photographer Ben Wright works exclusively with 35mm hand-developed black and white film He distills down his shots to create minimal, graphic motifs.

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Cable Magazine, Stylist, UK

Cable Magazine is always here for your visual pleasure and continues to dazzle with evocative, colorful imagery. Indulge irresponsibly.

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Esmoreit Lutters, Director of Photography, Belgium

Esmoreit is a director of photography who combines more than technical but also emotional and intuitive approach to photography. His work spans across film, commercial and photography and as he says "It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye.”

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Pixel Activist, Digital Artist, USA

Invoking the romance and esoteric style of feudal Japan, Ronin and Taoism symbology - Pixel Activist's photo-real Ghotsutography is a delight to view.

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David Edwards, Director, UK

Filmmaker and Director David Edwards is known for his work across commercial and non-commercial genres, featuring both filmic narratives and performances as well as technique driven pieces. His work is defined by its beautiful composition and a cinematic quality, present across his photo stills as well.

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Sam Saunders, Designer & Photogrpaher, UK

Sam Saunders is a professional visualization artist currently employed in the architectural industry, with an eye for dramatic frames, his photography game captures stunning moments of nature’s majestic beauty.

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Hadrien Vedel, Cinematographer, France

Born and raised in Paris, cinematographer Hadrien Vedel shoots expansive and immersive narrative films, commercials and music videos. View Hadrien's Portfolio
Anders Nils, Photographer, Sweden

Anders work is filled with whimsical landscapes, cloud choreographies, water reflections and stills of flora and fauna that oscillate between moody representations and majestic revelations of nature.

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Archie Short, Cinematographer, UK

Let’s go back to busier days, with bustling streets and a hustling crowd. Archie's 35mm stills immortalize grainy landscapes and cities in flux. His work across commercials and music promos as well as his personal projects reveal an eye for tight frames that capture emotions.

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Craig Bingham, Director, UK

London-based director Craig Bingham has built an intimate portfolio of films and photography. Complete with personal stories and shoots, behind-the-scenes footage and snaps with his mates, the result is honest, endearing and distinctly his. View Craig's Portfolio Site
Duke Scully, Director of Photography, UK

Sometimes, all it takes is a simple idea and a brilliant execution. Duke Scully's Out & About is based on the premise of spending a day outside with a creative person at a location of their choice. A series of in-depth interviews, that feel more like a casual conversation with a friend, reveal the layers of the creative process. ⠀

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Sam Huntley, Director, UK

Sam Huntley's new work for Barnardo's raises awareness for child sexual exploitation and grooming. He gives us a powerful commercial using a first person account and he does so in the most sensitive and impactful way.

Watch Sams' 'How Sophie Felt' commercial⠀
Favourite Colour: Black, Director, UK

Favourite Colour: Black is Chris Turner, a commercial, music video and film director. His film projects have screened at Raindance, The London Short Film Festival, The Berlin Fashion Film Festival, OneDotZero, ASOFF Paris, The BFI Gothic Season, The San Francisco Dance Film Festival, 1.4 and Channel 4's Random Acts. View Favourite Colour: Black
September Mixer

With fall coming back strong, now’s the time to dream a bit bigger and get the engines whirring for the new creative year.

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