Fabrik Conditioner 20.11

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Creativity drips from our creators, featuring Iness Rychlik, Akshay Tiwari, Clare Langan, Elliott Wilcox, Mariana Cobra, Danielle Callaghan, Poppy France, Alcibiade Cohen, Miguel Willis, Milica Golubović, Juan Sostre, Matt Pearson, Sascha Lilic, Max Boerman, Chris Sharpe, Prajit Ravindran, James Bamford, Jake Dypka and Karl Collins.

Fabrik Hero

We’re delighted to announce Iness Rychlik as our latest Fabrik Hero! Iness is a Polish-born photographer and filmmaker with a particular interest in historical drama. Despite her severe myopia, she has been dedicated to visual storytelling for over a decade.

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Maker Series, Chapter 35

Akshay Tiwari is an accomplished Motion Designer and Experimental Artist. We caught up with him to find out a little bit more about his speculative title sequence style-frames for Black Mirror.

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Clare Langan, Filmmaker, Ireland

Clare Langan is a Filmmaker and Visual Artist residing in Western Ireland. She evokes feelings of nostalgia, loss, and isolation in her atmospheric films.

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Elliott Wilcox, Photographer, London

We are all over Elliott Wilcox's cover story shoot for Notion Magazine featuring internet sensation KSI.

Check Out Elliott's Cover Shoot
Mariana Cobra, Director, Brasil

Mariana Cobra is an EMMY winning film director based in São Paulo, Brasil. She is a multi-artist; screenwriter, photographer, cinematographer and creative producer. Her commercial work for brands like Avon, Airbnb, Levi's and P&G captures real life from a magical yet realistic perspective, always working to achieve an innovative style.

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Danielle Callaghan, Illustrator, UK

Danielle Callaghan is an illustrator living in Edinburgh, Scotland. She especially enjoys illustrating stories featuring animal characters and the great outdoors and has worked on a variety of commissions, including children's books, merchandise and murals.

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Poppy France, MUA, UK

Poppy France comes from a fine art background and studied makeup at London College of Fashion. Having worked as a professional Hair and Makeup Artist for 14 years with many high profile clients, Poppy moved into clean beauty 5 years ago and continues to use cruelty free and organic brands.

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Alcibiade Cohen, Director & Photographer, Paris

Talented film director and photographer Alcibiade Cohen commercial for Swarovski x Kevin Germanier capsule collection crafted with up-cycled Swarovski crystals.

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Miguel Willis, Filmmaker, Australia

Miguel Willis is an Australian documentary cameraman and drone pilot specializing in wildlife, travel and adventure sports. He has worked in a variety of environments for different productions including; Netflix's Our Planet, BBC Planet Earth III and National Geographic's Hostile Planet. View Miguel's Portfolio
Milica Golubović, Visual Artist & Illustrator, Serbia

Milica Golubović is a visual artist and illustrator. She creates poetic digital imagery with focus on atmosphere, color and texture, and draws inspiration from nature, the Mediterranean seaside and everyday life in general.

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Juan Sostre, Photography Artist, USA

A view through the eyes of street photography artist Juan Sostre and we're in awe of how he captures such stunning silhouettes, moments of everyday life caught in time.

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Matt Pearson, Photographer, UK

Matt Pearson is a London based photographer who has captured the attention of some of the best known names in entertainment and sports. He has a keen interest and grounding in sport & exercise, allowing him to capture movement and people in his own unique way. View Matt's Portfolio Site
Sascha Lilic, Stylist, UK

Sascha Lilic is a renowned fashion stylist and creative director whose work excudes glamour. We're in admiration of his project for Grazia Italy by Ellen Von Unwerth featuring actress Lily James.

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Max Boerman, Architectural Designer, USA

Max Boerman is an architectural designer who has a passion for smart, innovative, sustainable and research driven design. His likes to design and create either by hand or computer, from large buildings to industrial objects, and from prototypes to visuals.

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Chris Sharpe, Design Director, UK

Chris Sharpe is a London-based, Design Director with nearly two-decades of experience in motion graphics. A pure designer who excels at typography and branding with a fastidious eye for detail.

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Prajit Ravindran, Photographer, USA

Prajit Ravindran is a Software Engineer by profession and a photographer by hobby and when he moved to Utah, fell in love with the state. He has driven for miles exploring the rich, diverse landscape that Utah has to offer and the outcome takes your breath away.

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James Bamford, Colorist, USA

As a multi-award winning colorist with some of the industry’s most prestigious accolades under his belt, James Bamford combines a wealth of industry experience with exceptional technical skill. He is known for his cinematic style and ability to enhance the story within every film. His new Christmas commercial for Coca Cola titled 'The Letter' is testimony to this and we loved watching every minute.

Watch 'The Letter'
Jake Dypka, Director, UK

Jake Dypka is a talented director based in London creating commercials for well known brands such as; Cancer Research UK, KFC, Maltesers and more. The creativity and vibrant colors within his recent work 'Clothes Love All Humans' for Klarna have us completely transfixed.

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Karl Collins, Photographer, UK

You've seen his work before. Among the endless string of fashion couturiers and make up brands, Karl Collins find time to indulge in his personal creative explorations, filled with colours, light and portraits so real, you can touch them. We applaud.

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