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The latest on creativity from Esther Lalanne, Justin Southey, Alex Harrison, Paul McDonnell, Ariel Palanzone, Hieu Vu, Diana Neto, CRIC, Harry Sanna, Amaral, Adam Luxton, Matthew Jalac, Moses Adesanya, Gareth Gardner, Alex Chamberlain, Matt Houghton, Roman Veiga, Callum Harrison, Peter Pint and Julie-Annabelle Schimel.

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Esther Lalanne is a visual artist living in London. She takes on illustration works as a freelancer, and directs animated short films and commercials. Focusing on the representation of bodies and identities, her playful and whimsical world takes inspiration in everyday life and relationships. Her love for animation brings her to create highly lively characters and a strong sense of movement and narration.

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Maker Series, Chapter 36

Justin Southey is a talented Abstract Artist, Illustrator and Designer and his practice explores notions of landscapes and fantastical worlds that serve as metaphors for more unquantifiable emotional and spiritual spaces.

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Alex Harrison, Director & Cinematographer, UK

After developing an interest in film production, Alex shot his first feature film as director of photography at age 22, and since then has 10 more feature length titles under his belt.

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Paul McDonnell, Director, UK

Paul McDonnell is an award-winning director and designer based in London well known for his imaginative and artistic opening title designs. His recent project for AMC's Fear the Walking Dead features ghostly, dark animation with an eerie presence and we're all over it.

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Ariel Palanzone, Art Director & Designer, Buenos Aires

Ariel Palanzone's series of outdoor spaces 'Quilts & Pools' was designed for the new collection of quilts by designer Alex Proba and it's a visual sensation; The colors, textures and shadows create a harmonious aesthetic.

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Hieu Vu, Motion Designer, Vietnam

Born and raised in Hanoi, Vietnam with a muse for colors and music, Hieu has a collective portfolio working alongside well-known brands such as Intel, Adobe Max and Call of Duty.

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Diana Neto, Photographer, Lisbon

Diana Neto is a photographer and art director based in Lisbon. The connection between humans and nature is the essence of her work which is evident within her recent editorial for Umbigo Magazine.

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CRIC, Directors, Italy

Born and raised in Italy, Davide and Clem are a directing duo CRIC. Aesthetic realism is their trademark, continuously searching for the perfect balance between aesthetic harmony and sincere realism of narration. 'Young Lovers' commercial for Römerquelle is precedent to this balance.

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Harry Sanna, Director, Australia

Harry Sanna is a documentary and commercial director producing work for print, radio and film. His commercial directing work has included national and international campaigns for ANZ, the Australian Federal Government, Vodafone, UNHCR and the Red Cross. Discover Harry's Work
Amaral, Artist, Portugal

Portuguese artist Studio Amaral's portfolio is a sensory experience, canvases full of textural brush strokes and complimenting palettes of both lifestyle and landscapes.

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Adam Luxton, Cinematographer, New Zealand

Adam Luxton is a cinematographer based New Zealand. 'A List of Lost Poems' is a new 30-minute film exploring Dane Mitchell’s 2019 Venice Biennale project 'Post hoc'. Adam's short documentary explores Mitchell’s process – from his Auckland studio to a cell tower factory in Guangzhou and the final installation in Venice.

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Matthew Jalac, Interior Designer, USA

Matthew Jalac has been curating beautiful interior landscapes for his clients since 2015. He loves to play and layer various textures, prints, colors, and finishes to create a personalized mood for every client. View Matthew's Portfolio Site
Moses Adesanya, Illustrator, UK

Moses Adesanya's portfolio of illustrations and graphic designs are undeniably captivating.

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Gareth Gardner, Photographer, UK

Gareth Gardner is an architectural photographer, filmmaker, journalist and curator based in London. Gareth is adept at examining the built environment and his portfolio is testament to this.

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Alex Chamberlain, Producer, UK

Alex Chamberlain is a freelance video producer based out of London and his portfolio is a collective of work with well-known music artists such as; FKA Twigs, Jorja Smith and Coldplay. His recent music video for Dua Lipa and Angele has us immersed in the composition and urban setting.

Watch Dua Lipa ft Angele - Fever
Matt Houghton, Filmmaker & Photographer, UK

Matt Houghton is an award-winning filmmaker and photographer with an eye for finding the beautiful and unusual in the everyday. Matt’s photography draws on his background in documentary, capturing intimacy in his subjects and telling simple human stories.

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Roman Veiga , Director, Paris Directed by the talented Roman Veiga, Sois Magique, Le Secret d'Alice is set in an alternate era. Alice, a young woman who becomes invisible when she's not wearing her blue dress, becomes the center of attention of a goal-hungry society. The feature film is currently in development but we're looking forward to seeing this adventure come to life.

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Callum Harrison, Producer, UK

As an award winning freelance producer Callum Harrison works across music videos, commercials and narrative. With a particular interest in conceptual and technical projects, he has a penchant for in-camera trickery.⁠

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Julie-Annabelle Schimel, Photographer, France

Julie-Annabelle Schimel is a Parisian photographer residing in France. She devotes herself to the world of the image: to transmit with technology her dreams, fears and imagination.⁠ ⁠Her recent fashion editorial for Design Scene highlights modern society, how technology creates a veil between what is truly real and what we think we see.⁠ ⁠

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Peter Pint, Director, Portugal Peter is an award-winning and versatile director, interested in emotive and performance driven storytelling. His aim is to create unique, colorful and cinematic worlds with a dash of subtle humor.⁠

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