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Budding creativity from our community, featuring Diana Neto, Ellie Shipman, Michelle Holme, Emily Freda Sharp, Elise Butt, Thomas English, Barnaby Roper, Sam Fabian Miller, Venka, Rafa G. Arroyo, Pedro Alk, Constantin del Castillo, Fernando Lazzari⁠, Nabil Nezzar, Carl Rasmussen and Leilani Croucher.

Fabrik Hero

Diana Neto is a Photographer and Art Director based in Lisbon. She graduated from Lisbon Theater & Film School and since then has been working in several creative fields, from Photography, Art Direction, Advertisement and Fashion.

The connection between humans and Nature is the essence of her work and is evident throughout her portfolio; the perfect marriage of environment, light and fashion. We got in touch with Diana to gain further insight about her portfolio.

Read Diana's Interview
Maker Series, Chapter 39

Ellie Shipman is an illustrator and artist based in Bristol, UK, and working globally. She creates playful, bold illustrations and patterns exploring sustainability, women and wellbeing for editorial, research and campaigns - in other words, hopeful illustration for challenging times. We got in touch with Ellie to find out more about her recent Illustration project for the University of Cambridge.

Read Ellie's Interview
Brock Hanson Director of Photography USA

Brock is a talented Director of Photography for commercial, Documentary, music video, and narrative production.

View Brock's Portfolio
Michelle Holme Creative Director and Graphic Artist USA

Michelle Holme is a Creative Director and Graphic Artist based in New York City. She has over 20 years experience, a grammy, a few grammy nominations, multiple design awards, museum wall space and numerous publications under her belt.⁠ ⁠

With such an impressive portfolio, we couldn't keep our eyes away, and especially from this rocking creative concept and design Michelle originated for ACDC's Power Up album artwork.

Discover Michelle's Portfolio
Emily Freda Sharp Filmmaker UK

⁠Emily is a filmmaker who strives to create playful work that doesn’t compromise on meaning. With a sentimentality for the creativity of childhood, her films seek to reinvent; whether a client brief or creative stimulus, the ability to imagine the world differently is present throughout her work.

Craftwork is a short promo featuring textile artist, Sofia Salazar as the face of the evolving creative trend for the experts, artists and makers of today, to openly share their creative processes.

View Emily's Work
Elise Butt Editor UK

Elise is a talented Editor for commercials, music videos and content at Trim Editing in London. She has worked on projects for clients such as; Bodyform, Virgin Media and Lurpak.

View Elise's Portfolio
Thomas English Director of Photography UK

Thomas is an experienced Director of Photography based in the UK. His personal project Hyper Dream captures athletes and dancers then taking them through a full environmental CGI workflow. He rebuilds their worlds using Redshift and Houdini all the while making sure the lenses and perspective's match to create weird and strange fantasia's.

Explore 'Hyper Dream'
Barnaby Roper Director France

Director Barnaby Roper creating pure visual magic for Hermès Eau Des Merveilles campaign.

Watch Barnaby's Hermès Campaign
Sam Fabian Miller Cinematographer and Photographer UK

Sam is a UK Cinematographer and Photographer who loves the incorporation of movement to shots and creating a complete cinematic experience. Being exposed to vast landscapes growing up in Dartmoor, Devon, he has always enjoyed watching how things interact with the natural light and create inspiration and affect emotion. Discover Sam's Work
Venka Photographer Germany

Originally from India but currently living in Germany, photographer Venkatesh Padmanabhan has merged together his passion for fashion alongside his love for photography. He believes that owning and using a camera is transformative, and gives the power to create memories and shape the destiny of the moments we see.

Explore Venka's Portfolio
Rafa G. Arroyo Cinematographer Spain

Rafa G. Arroyo is a Cinematographer residing in Madrid and aims to tell beautiful stories that transmit profound and pure feelings through film and photography.

Mother is an experimental dance short film shot just before the COVID-19 pandemic about life, fear, dance and hope. The idea was to create a film to convey the feelings that people are experiencing during the pandemic and what a captivating outcome.

Watch 'Mother'
Pedro Alk Art and Animation Director Brazil

Pedro Alk is an Art and Animation Director at Liquor Media, based in Sao Paulo, Brazil specialising in animations and motion graphics for commercials, advertising and cartoons. View Pedro's Portfolio Site
Constantin del Castillo⁠ Photographer Spain

Constantin is a fashion photographer who creates national and international brand labels campaigns in fashion, beauty and advertising.⁠⁠

His editorial 'Sweet Disposition' for Flanelle Magazine is the perfect marriage of pinks, pastels and a pop of red - A flawless aesthetic.

Discover 'Sweet Disposition'
Fernando Lazzari⁠ Designer and Director UK

⁠⁠With a unique combination of design, creative and technical skills, and focused on motion graphics, live action and VFX, Fernando Lazzari's work combines multiple disciplines to create sophisticated audiovisual pieces.⁠⁠
Fernando's trailer for Seth Godin - The Practice is a visual paradise, allowing you to completely immerse yourself as each element comes to life.

Discover Fernando's Portfolio
Nabil Nezzar Illustrator and Artist Belgium

In a world of watercolour, graphite and gouache, giving traditional media a contemporary twist, Nabil Nezzar is known for photo-realistic painting and drawing of natural environment, portraiture, architecture, fashion and beyond. His work has been commissioned by influential international brands such as; Harrods, Net-a-Porter and Louis Vuitton.

Check Out Nabil's Work
Carl Rasmussen⁠ Director of Photography Sweden

Carl Rasmussen is an award-winning Swedish Director of Photography who has been photographing for as long as he can remember. Although he now works as a cinema photographer he also loves to take still images and has worked with practically all the media formats available today.

Carl's globally awarded Feature Film GHABE is testament to his talent; each frame beautifully shot and curated. A must-watch.

Watch 'GHABE' Trailer
Leilani Croucher Director Australia

Leilani Croucher is a talented Director residing in Australia, who started out pursuing a career in acting but quickly learned she was more at home on the other side of the camera.

⁠⁠Leilani's work reflects her connection with film, photography, art and popular culture and we're loving her whimsical campaign 'Boob Balls' for Australia’s most loved bra brand Berlei.

Watch 'Boob Balls'