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Our community of creators are bringing the heat with red-hot creativity, featuring Beatrice Pegard-Ferry, Pete Harrison, Dannel Escallón, Alfred Thirolle, Alex Tillman, Annick Wolfers, Poppy France, Adrià Paituví, Elements Production, Mariona Lloreta, Andres Marti, Adric Watson, Peter Soulis, Alex Grigg and Perrine Wallez.

Fabrik Hero

Beatrice Pegard-Ferry is a French-Australian writer and director. Her aesthetic mixes surrealism and irreverence, always with a keen interest for art direction, choreography, and visual effects. Beatrice is a firm believer in sustainable filmmaking, which she applies to her creative process whenever possible, and provides green toolkits and advice geared towards lowering carbon footprint, sustainable film production and waste reduction.

We got in touch with Beatrice to discuss her creative process and gain further insight about sustainable filmmaking.

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Maker Series - Chapter 41

It's the era of cryptocurrency. We got in touch with Pete Harrison to discover more about his work and why he's decided to mint some of his original pieces of digital art into NFT's.

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Dannel Escallón, Director of Photography, USA

Dannel Escallón is a Director of Photography from Miami currently residing in Los Angeles. His portfolio consists of a collective of narratives, commercials and music videos for established brands and artists.

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Alfred Thirolle, Director of Photography, UK

Alfred Thirolle is a French Director of Photography based in London. He enjoys figuring out the right visual language and discovering narrative though cinematography. Alfred's new music video for Wesley Joseph titled 'Ultramarine' displays his talent and ability to capture the unusual so impeccably.

Watch 'Ultramarine'
Alex Tillman, Automotive Render Artist, USA

Alex Tillman bringing the heat with his rendering talent featuring the jaw-dropping Lamborghini Aventador S for 1016 Industries.

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Annick Wolfers, Photographer and Filmmaker, UK

Known for her painterly and ethereal imagery - her work switches seamlessly between photography and film, each part complimenting the other. Often incorporating dance into her projects to further explore the relationship between movement and space.

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Poppy France, Make-Up Artist, UK

Poppy is a talented make-up artist who creates beautiful glowing skin and clean bold beauty which has been seen in iD, Vogue, AnOther, Elle, Porter. We're loving the blush tones, pearl accents and overall aesthetic for her new editorial Flossie.

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Adrià Paituví, Creative Producer, Germany

Adrià Paituví is a Creative Producer based in Berlin & Barcelona, passionate for art, cinema, music, dance and connected with the new cultural movements. He has collaborated with brands such as BMW, MTV, Rimowa, YSL, Dropbox and Emporio Armani. We're loving his vibrant, energetic and dazzling collaboration with Puma.

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Elements, Production Company, India

Elements is an integrated full service production company with experience in handling a vast range of assignments for video and photography. They believe in the power of socially circulated stories that provoke and compel the masses to think and often work with projects which narrate meaningful visual stories that resonate with the multitude.

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Mariona Lloreta, Interdisciplinary Artist, USA

Mariona Lloreta is a Catalan-American interdisciplinary artist working internationally in film, painting and dance. Sungazers is an oil painting series that examines themes of identity, spirituality, immigration and systemic racism with colorful hope.

Each painting brings together family members from both Mariona's native Barcelona and the United States, where she currently resides in an attempt to reconcile both worlds and understandings of Home. An ode to femininity, belonging with one another and raising from darkness.

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Andres Marti, Photographer and Creative Artist, Colombia

"I color the eyes and noses of my models ruby red in the photos in order to evoque vulnerability, many times they look like makeup and at other times as if the model had cried all day, we don't know which pain is more real, portrait after portrait.

I know that my work is an aesthetic action that is loaded with signs and symbols. These are communicated through my intuition every time I finish an image. They are like dreams or visions that are cloudy but they leave a feeling in the spectator. I seek through my work, to be able to grasp how immaterial that feeling is."

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Adric Watson, Director of Photography, Australia

Adric Watson is an Australian Director of Photography who has worked professionally throughout Australia, India, Europe, USA and Japan across mediums of music video, commercial, narrative and documentary films.

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Peter Soulis, Photographer, Australia

Peter is an Australian photographer based between Melbourne and Sydney specialising in the fields of lifestyle, advertising and portraiture. His series of beautiful shots for Fashion Editorials of Brooke Hogan showcase his unique style and tranquil aesthetic.

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Alex Grigg, Director, Australia

Alex Grigg is an Australian Director who earns his crust making things for some of the world's leading animation houses and entertainment makers. ⁠⁠Ever wondered what goes on inside a kid's mind when they taste something delicious for the first time? Alex was tasked to explore the idea for NaturNes and the end result is pure magic.

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Perrine Wallez, Fashion Stylist, France

Perrine is a Paris-based Fashion Stylist specialising in campaigns, commercials and e-Commerce for brands and fashion editorials.

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