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The November round-up featuring fresh creativity from Omer Ganai, Manuel Nogueira, Savannah Oleary, Ilya Lazunov, Christina Xing, Estudio FE, Stephan Polman, Kristoffer Engholm Abo, Maria Ines Manchego, P. Sant'Ana and Lily Baldwin.

Omer Ganai is a Cinematographer USA

Omer is an award-winning Cinematographer with a wealth of experience shooting music videos and commercials for brands including Dolby Atmos, Puma, Nintendo and Smirnoff.

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Manuel Nogueira is a Director & Photographer Brazil

Manuel started his career as a documental Photographer, working with black and white negative film and natural light only. Then while living in Europe as a Photographer assistant, he met fashion and beauty. Back in São Paulo, as a photographer, his work had been featured in publications such ass Vogue, Nowness and Elle Brasil. From that universe, he went to fashion films, music videos and advertising films. His work today carries his background, capturing moments of real people and hunting light situations; creating aesthetically strong narratives capable of creating interest and emotion.

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Savannah Oleary is Director & Editor Canada

Savannah is a Director and Editor with a penchant for quirk and culture. The Making of Panthera for Dazed Magazine follows Brooklyn-based drag queen Panthera Lush who spends hundreds of painstaking hours behind the sewing machine designing couture-worthy looks. Weaving cinéma vérité and choreographed drama, this documentary short follows Panthera and her chameleonic friends to take a closer look at the creative process behind the ever-evolving art form of drag.

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Ilya Lazunov is a Colourist Lithuania

Ilya is a freelance Colourist and Editor residing in Vilnius with years of experience in video production. Brands within his portfolio include Bacardi, Bang & Olufsen, Palina, Samsung and more.

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Estudio FE is a Creative Production Company USA

Estudio FE is a creative production company specialising in audiovisual and photographic content. They have built an incredible crew and reunited great talents from different areas in order to achieve the virtuous and efficient workflow that shows who they are. They believe it is necessary to work with love to let miracles happen. Included in their impressive network of creatives is Director and Photographer Javiera Eyzaguirre. Javiera stands out from the crowd, with her dexterous handling of light, staging, creativity, and eye for detail.

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Christina Xing is a Director UK

Christina is an award-winning Asian American Director based in Los Angeles and New York. Her story-driven approach creates honest moments in every film, and as a young person directing young people, she is uniquely able to coax strong, authentic performances that resonate with the intended audience. All of this is underscored by her distinctive style, which infuses saturated youthful visions of surreal dreamscapes with nostalgic memories that put the viewer right in the center of the action.

Christina’s experience creating viral content runs deep. It started early in her career when she directed a musical feature that went viral on Twitter in Thailand. This led her down a path that caught the attention of brands like Vaseline, VANS, Tinder, Snapchat, and Crayola.

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Stephan Polman is a Cinematographer The Netherlands

Stephan is a Dutch Cinematographer who studied at Narafi, Bruxelles and the Dutch Film Academy in Amsterdam. He is known for his work as a Director of Photography on Netflix Series 'Ares', feature film 'De Libi' and 'Horizon', that won the price for Best TV movie at the Dutch Film Festival.

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Maria Ines Manchego is a Cinematographer  USA

Maria has shot various feature films, documentaries, music videos and commercials in locations around the world. She received an NZCS Gold Award for her 'Suncatcher' commercial shot in NYC and was the recipient of the Al Guilford Emerging Cinematographer Award.

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Kristoffer Engholm Abo is a ⁠Director of Photography Denmark

Kristoffer Engholm Aabo is a Danish Cinematographer living and working in Copenhagen. Kristoffer’s career began as an camera assistant and he worked his way as a camera operator through documentaries to Director of Photography on short films. Kristoffer continues to challenge conformity in order to connect camera and story.

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P. Sant'Ana is a Collage Artist Brazil

P. Sant'Ana uses vintage images that he acquired from private collections and flea markets for his collage art. He primarily uses an analog collage technique, drawing on his experience with graphic design. But in the end, it’s all about these people and how he can draw the viewer’s attention to them. He wants the viewer to have a sense of empathy for these characters as they try to picture their personalities, actions and circumstances.

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Lily Baldwin is a Filmmaker USA

Lily is a Filmmaker based in NYC, Berlin, and LA. Baldwin combines her deep love of dance and film to craft visceral stories with dreamscapes and stylised documentary. Focusing on hybrid forms, she blurs supernatural, action and thriller genres. Recent experiences living with disability give her a unique inside-out lens; she bridges disabled and able-bodied perspectives. THROUGH YOU is an athletically vibrant and sensual experience exploring love across a lifetime. Using dance to inhabit a common mortal story of love born, lived, lost, burned, and seemingly gone forever, a live-action VR richly infused with an atmosphere of passion.

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