• Abi Buller

DISRUPTORS: the ideas disrupting industries

Training Sticks is a new innovation from beauty brand FaceGym, designed to be applied before exercising for a non-invasive facial workout. Women are looking out for beauty products to use before, during, and after their workouts, and brands are innovating accordingly to meet the demand. We explore the insights behind this and why FaceGym has launched a skincare range created to be worn during exercise.
The active beauty brand's 'Training Sticks' are new products designed with motion-activated ingredients. Designed to be applied to the face before exercise, the stick is activated by the moisture and heat produced by the skin during a workout. The sticks have MyoSKNFIT™ technology which contains three plant stem cells said to enhance the activity of other ingredients as the wearer sweats harder. FaceGym offers four different types of Training Sticks and all contain super ingredients. The sticks include multivitamins to recharge and hydrate, activated charcoal to detox and renew, Brazilian pink clay to brighten and glow and spirulina to lift and sculpt.
The athleisure movement continues to thrive, and women want to look their best in between and during their exercise regimes. In the UK, one in six women wear make-up while working out, and brands are designing alternative beauty products geared towards this. “Ath-beauty has already shaken the beauty world in a superficial sense, but the sector is yet to see skincare that is physically triggered and amplified by exercise,” explains Inge Theron, founder of FaceGym. Brands are making moves to change this though. Catering to active beauty consumers, Pretty Athletic offers natural products that prep and soothe skin pre- and post-workout.
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