• Roxy Rezvany
  • Alicia Sing

‘Faded’ is an escapist music video about a young Iranian immigrant living in 1970s London, who becomes lost in the world of a romantic relationship to avoid confronting the realities of her day to day life and loneliness. The video indulges the tropes of the 1970s but within the context of Britain’s immigrant stories. The narrative highlights the bittersweet nature of the track’s emotional journey, which conveys the slow fade of a relationship that the protagonist seems to be in denial about - trying to ignore its demise as the pressures of day to day life require her to keep on moving. Artist - Lyves Director, Writer & Producer - Roxy Rezvany Production Company - Besheh Meesheh Films Assistant Director / Producer - Alicia Sing Executive Producer - Francesca Bergami DOP - Beatriz Sastre Editor - Ross Leppard Steadicam - Beau Pritchard-James Wardrobe Stylist - Georgie Roberton Hair Stylist - Georgie St John James Make up Artist - Grace Ellington Grade - CHEAT Colourist - Tim Smith Colour Producer - Olivia Jessop Line Producer - Dickon Ireland 1st AC - Jon England 2nd AC - Will Crafts Gaffer - Hélio Ribeiro Spark - Seán Mackey Super 8 Operator - Jesse Crankson Runners - Tony Hickson, Jules Kirby Sherry - Emily Renée Jimmy - Jules Chan