Falmouth University, Illustration BA(Hons)

  • Alfie Bryan
  • Andrea Miranda
  • Jasmine Freemantle
  • Freya Bashford
  • Josie Staveley Taylor
  • Adriena Fong
  • Julie Lai
  • Holly Harvey
  • Ana Cotutiu
  • Amita Sevellaraja
  • Sarah Wong
  • Sean Battle
BA Illustration at Falmouth University has a long and distinguished history. Always at the heart of the course’s philosophy is the intention of producing graduates that know how to create powerful and successful illustrative solutions. Our graduates understand how to promote and market themselves within a rapidly evolving visual communication industry with many going on to forge successful careers as freelance illustrators, art directors and designers amongst many other potential careers. We encourage our students to push the boundaries of Illustration through risk taking whilst developing an understanding of the wider social, political and cultural issues that influence the subject.


Bart D’Angelo, ‘The Promise; Ponte Berlino’, a section from a collaborative webcomics project.
Josie Staveley Taylor, ‘Together We Thrive’, D&AD advertising brief for HSBC.
Jasmine Freemantle, ‘Exploring The Unconscious Landscape & other works from the Ursula Hauser Collection’, an activity zine introducing art to children.
Bethany Chuck, ‘The Jabberwocky’, a children’s book exploring environmental issues through literature.
Hollie Harvey, ‘Cowbee’s Restaurant’, one of two murals for a brand campaign.
Ioana Bolchis, ‘The Night Manager’, by John Le Carre, a speculative book cover.
Adriena Fong, Amita Sevellaraja, Julie Lai, Sarah Wong, ‘The Sum of Everything’, a collaborative project exploring culture, identity, transience and displacement.
www.adrienafong.com / www.amitaseve.com / www.laijulie.com / www.sarahjwong.com
Claudia Pezzini, ‘Sleep’, by Haruki Murakami, part of an adult narrative sequence.

Freya Bashford, ‘Murder on the Orient Express’, by Agatha Christie, a speculative book cover.
Alfie Bryan, ‘Angel's Journey’, a self-authored children’s book.
Ana Cotutiu, ‘City of Glass’, by Paul Auster, part of an adult narrative sequence.
Andrea Miranda, 'Chula; Cerveza Para Nosotras’, a poster promoting Chula beer through a narrative about the tough life and inner strength of four Latinas.
Julie Lai, ‘City Loneliness’, from an exploratory visual essay.
Amita Sevellaraja, ‘Love Poems’, longlisted for the Folio Society/House of Illustration ‘Book Illustration Competition 2020’, and winner of ‘The People’s Choice Award’.

Adriena Fong, ‘Families at the V&A’, speculative poster designs.