Jasmine Freemantle

IllustratorColyton, United Kingdom
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Jasmine Freemantle

IllustratorColyton, United Kingdom
  • Covid-19 Facemask FridayIllustrations for facemark Friday, to inform my following of the importance of wearing a mask.
  • Mural for The Press House ExeterA collaborative commissioned mural for new creative cafe, The Press House in Exeter, Devon. Designed and painted on shuttering by Jasmine Freemantle and Paddy Tate. Read more about the process here: https://www.jasminefreemantle.co.uk/designwork/the-press-house-exeter
  • Print fundraiser for the MPJ Institute2 printed editions that were sold to raise money for the Marsha P. Johnson Institute, a charity that supports black trans lives. Through sales we raised $200 in profits for the charity.
  • The foundations of my day in lockdownA comic for Holly Astle’s collaborative project drawing your typical day in lockdown. For me my days seem to all be a little blurry but I ensure I get the basics covered everyday. In such a strange time (the pandemic) i’ve leant to expect less from myself, if I can get the foundations of the day done then everything else is a bonus.
  • Illustrations for waiting rooms in mental health facilitiesDesigns produced to make waiting rooms in mental health facilities warm, fun and relatable. Also used as entry to the 2020 Pillow Fight competition ran by OHH DEER.
  • A ten piece card collectionThis set of ten cards were commissioned by and in collaboration with Melissa Lockhart, the owner of Tankerville Press printing studio. This client wanted a range of cards covering various themes. Together we decided to avoid typical event cards, and aimed to target the card collection towards students. I have designed the cards to be age appropriate using subtle play on words and charming illustrations, inspired by artwork from my childhood. The cards were printed by Melissa Lockhart but desig
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  • Falmouth University, Illustration BA(Hons)BA Illustration at Falmouth University has a long and distinguished history. Always at the heart of the course’s philosophy is the intention of producing graduates that know how to create powerful and successful illustrative solutions. Our graduates understand how to promote and market themselves within a rapidly evolving visual communication industry with many going on to forge successful careers as freelance illustrators, art directors and designers amongst many other potential careers. We enc
  • Around the world in an isolated dazeA collaborative project run with fellow illustrator Jasmine Freemantle. Using our isolated time in the Covid-19 lockdown and focussing on community reportage, we were able to travel the world together. Tackling subject matter we don’t usually work with, we challenged ourselves to draw the same random locations to see the differences in the exact same places. Here I have shown my responses to the project.