Falmouth University, MA Graphic Design (online) website

  • Stuart Tolley

The MA Graphic Design (online) course is a global-reaching, flexible and innovative online Masters in Graphic Design from Falmouth University UK; one of the world’s leading creative universities with a global reputation for creative excellence.

I worked closely with Falmouth University to develop the brand identity, strategy and content creation for their new MA Graphic Design (online) course. This includes the course website, which was developed in close collaboration with our friends at Multiple States. The MA Graphic Design (online) website enhances the 'Global Exploration of Graphic Design' strategy, developed by Transmission, by archiving student responces to workshop challenges, asking them to explore graphic design from a global perspective. These pages include the GeoMap (a curation of emergent and critically relevant graphic design studios), GeoType (an interactive map charting typography that forms the identity of a location) and the Showcase, an exhibition space for the graduating students.