Fanny Eaton: The forgotten Pre-Raphaelite Model

  • Babak Mirsalari
  • Sarah U
  • Nikta Mohammadi

Fanny Eaton (née Antwhistle; 23 June 1835 – 4 March 1924), was an artist's Model of mixed heritage (Jamaican-British), who modelled for several Pre-Raphaelite artists and at the Royal Academy school of painting. She was featured in several paintings, sketches and prints, both as a background character and as the main subject, which was not always a portrayal in a position of subservience. Her looks were unique, yet she showed the same traits that her model counterparts, had, but she was not known widely in comparison to them. Considered an exotic other in Victorian London, Fanny Eaton was the first British supermodel of mixed heritage whose face graced several artworks

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