Fantastical Worlds at Turner Contemporary

  • Tim Topple

Fantastical Worlds was a youth arts project which took place in May - July 2022. After exhibiting at The Wooden Box Gallery, it was taken on by Turner Contemporary in Margate as part of their Clore Learning Library. "Fantastical Worlds is a collaboration between Year 8 students at Royal Harbour Academy and Project Motorhouse. In May 2022, a group of 21 students took part in a series of imaginative & collaborative workshops with photographer Tim Topple, artist Christopher Tipping alongside Jo Mapp and Janet Fielding from Project Motorhouse. Taking inspiration from pop-up books, Alice in Wonderland and comic fantasy, the group experimented with surreal photography, performance, and collage to reimagine their town. Familiar and dreamlike, the artwork weaves together real-life stories and fantastical events to create an otherworldly vision of Ramsgate. " (excerpt from Turner Contemporary website)