Fashion Retail : Future Directions

  • Bianca Jutaru

As the student representative for the MA group I have attended meetings with lecturers and course administrators, helped organise extra curricular activities with students and improved communication between students and the teaching board. I was proactively involved and in charge of organising our promotion’s graduation conference - “Fashion Retail : Future Directions” , that consisted in two sessions of talks focussing on retail design, window display, visual merchandising and fashion as therapy. Students presented works on pop-up retail, complimentary curation of retail spaces, Surrealism in win- dow display and a report on "Fashion as therapy - intimate apparel for breast cancer patients". To promote the event I designed conference packs, posters, invitations and digital banners, wrote press releases and promoted the event via different social media platforms.

More information about the project:
1. MRA Architects London collaborate with Solent Southampton University MA students
2. Design Curial: Art & Retail - Future Directions
3. Jonathan Baker - course director of Fashion Visual Merchandising at LCF about Fashion Retail: Future Directions

Link to press release can be accessed here.