Feature Article - In Photos: Backstage at MIRA Festival

  • Rebecca Payton

Fabra I Coats, Barcelona 5 - 9 November MIRA Festival returned to Barcelona for its ninth edition earlier this month with a series of live attractions, DJ sets, immersive screenings, debates and art installations across the weekend. This year marked MIRA Festival’s final edition at the iconic ex-textile factory Fabra I Coats, a building that is deeply rooted in the history of the Sant Andreu neighbourhood. Fabra I Coats’ unique programming has cemented the Sant Andreu neighbourhood as a creative and cultural force, with the audiovisual tour de force of MIRA Festival at its core. Giant Swan, our Issue 106 cover stars, gave a typically raw performance, whilst Alicia Carrera and Lena Willikens explored the infinite possibilities of a b2b and Venezuelan producer Arca performed a secret set. Nacho G Riaza captured portraits of the artists throughout the festival. Full gallery can be found here: https://crackmagazine.net/article/live-reviews/photos-mira-festival/

Photographer Nacho Riaza

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