Fedrigoni 366 – Calendar 2020

Fedrigoni 366 is a calendar, designed by TM Studio, for Fedrigoni papers UK. Each year UK based studios and individuals are selected to contribute. Each participant must submit a piece of work to represent a date provided at random. The calendars can be purchased from Counter Print. Now in its third year, the calendar transitions from the b&w of year 1 + 2 and delivers a full spectrum of colour for year 3, via the environmentally-friendly Woodstock range. Woodstock is one of the most environmentally-friendly coloured ranges available, formed with 80% recycled and 20% FSC® certified virgin fibres. To reduce the impact of production further the calendar has been Carbon Balanced and TM Studio minimised waste by creating the covers and various page sections from single B1 sheets. This year my assigned date was the 12 September. I liked the possibilities offered by the 2, but I was not really feeling the 1. Consequently, I decided to change the situation and switch to an alternative number format – Roman numerals. With the new system I found it was much easier for me to simplify and experiment with the forms. I liked the idea of a subtle connection to my submission for last year – once again experimenting with the illusion of depth via adjustments in line weight. – Purchase the calendar now from Counter Print. – Calendar designed by TM Studio. – Printed by Empress. – Paper by Fedrigoni.