Female Futures Bureau

  • Tracey Follows
The Female Futures Bureau is a place for female futurists to connect, to share and to be found.
In an increasingly diverse, complex and interesting world, we tend to hear the same voices and lots of similar views in the media. In 2015 The Telegraph ran a story on Back to the Future asking 'what would the next 30 years hold?'. All of the futurists interviewed were men. And one thing is very clear, that's not what the future holds. 
The Female Futures Bureau was set up to encourage inspiring, intelligent, opinionated  women who have ideas about the future, to discuss and debate them, engage and influence others, ask for and offer opinions. In addition: editors, conference organiser, exhibitors, educators and anyone looking for a foresight professional can come here and find her.
Futurists, innovators, science fiction writers, designers, researchers and academics are all welcome here to express their visions of the future. To be heard. And be seen. In the mainstream.
The media will evolve to become more diverse, representative and comprehensive over time. If you want to make that happen sooner, please join in. And sign up to the Bureau.