• Beth McGlynn

FFA, Freedom from Anxiety, is a London based identity. The brand was created to raise awareness of Anxiety in young adults through the use of a fashion line in collaboration with Vans and Rethink Mental Health. Using brand touch points of social media and posters and the Vans website.

The brand was created with a user persona of a 15-year-old girl from Wembley, so the project was idealised for London.

The brand image is of happiness as aims as a visualisation of a young person's life if they have Freedom from Anixety.

The brand aims to connect with young people through social media using the platform of Instagram. As well as using the Vans website to sell the products and explain the campaign. The campaign is about being the starting point for young people talking about their Anxiety with an aim of reducing the number of young adults suffering from it.

FFA was created as part of my university degree and it designed solely for educational purposes using Vans and Rethink Mental Health as ideal platforms for the campaign.