FIFA 20: The Groundbreakers

  • Tim Coleman
  • Lawrence Tallis

As creative lead, I oversaw a global episodic branded content series that told the story of football's genuine ground-breakers, running across a panoramic spectrum of tones and topics; from the Brazilian Twitch streamer who plays FIFA with his feet, to the Brentford player who gave up his English passport to play for China, to the man who everyone relies on to be perfect - the Premier League centre-back - admitting his fragility. Amongst other successes, our campaign had an average audience retention of nearly 4 minutes on YouTube - something I was truly proud of in an increasingly noisy world of football media. This partly came from an innovative media strategy that was a core part of the creative: all of our stories were told not only in flagship films, but also across the pages of hundreds of publishers and creators in their own words. We were happy to see the campaign recognised with a Drum Marketing Award.


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