Fifi & Friends

  • Jess Macdonald

An all-natural collection of bath and body essentials for babies and toddlers. All the packaging and brand collateral has a bright white base, is unfussy and ultimately clear in order to reflect the brand’s ethos. Supporting accents in the form of gender-neutral pops of colour not only separated out the categories, but it also brought a playfulness that was required for a child-friendly product range. Having launched the brand online, we wanted to create hype via social media channels, reaching 10,000 followers on Instagram in our first 6 months. Strong assets and brand guidelines had to be created, art directed and collated for retailers – both online and offline – to not only be inspired by, but also to adhere to, so that the Fifi & Friends tone of voice is consistent worldwide. It was important that, despite being a new brand and therefore with challenging budgets, we had to consider the brand’s overriding ethos. This was most relevant when it came to the packaging, POS and any other printed collateral: almost all of which are either on FSC-certified stock or recyclable.