FILM PRODUCTION: Medusa-Joe Gritty

  • Patrick Sanyaolu
  • Isaac Tingey

We partnered with up and coming musician Joe Gritty to launch his latest single- Medusa and focused our strategy on three key areas - Social, Visual and Marketing. Social- The objective of our Social Strategy was to build anticipation and raise awareness for the release of Medusa. This was executed by uploading short videos of Joe freestyling to Rap songs that had a "buzz" at the time. In doing so, it not only highlighted Joe's skills as a lyricist but made the content relevant to the audience we wanted to reach. Also, we placed short snippets of the single on the pre and post roll of these videos. The freestyle videos achieved a combined total of 2,000+ views on Instagram alone. Visual- We wanted to capture the aura and energy of the single and communicate this in the visuals for the song so we worked with our partners at Dual Films (IMG Visuals) to create a visual piece that was dark, mysterious and emotional. Marketing - Joe's unique position within the industry as an up and coming musician meant awareness of his art was low. Therefore, we partnered with key industry tastemaker- Jungle Magazine-to premier the Medusa Visuals. The Jungle Magazine partnership allowed us to increase the reach of the single and gave Joe immediate credibility and relevance within the culture.