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  • Jose M. Herrera
  • mail poubelle

The Spanish authorities censured a novel, something unheard of since democracy was established. The book in question, Fariña, is an essay about drug smuggling whose plot features a politician involved. This politician lodged a complaint against the book’s author and managed to censure it. The book’s prohibition makes it impossible to buy, this raised indignation in public opinion…until Finding Fariña emerged. This was a website that made possible to read the banned book with no legal risks:using Don Quijote. We created a digital engine that searched for the 80.049 words that made up the novel Fariña, but within the pages of Don Quijote. Once found, the engine reordered the words and allowed readers to read the banned novel, but by means of DQ. The tool quickly went viral across all social media networks and digital platforms, enabling users everywhere to read it…until the authorities censure the website too.


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