Fish Island Futures - Open House 2018

  • Joseph Goodwin

I pitched, organised & curated an exhibition & series of guided tours of Fish Island & Hackney Wick for Open House 2018. The concept for the event arose in direct response to attending the Barbican screening of London Made (We Made That) & identifying the key narratives of London's continued embrace of light industry & the collaborative nature of practitioners. These resonated with the emerging proposals on Fish Island - where common themes link several overlapping masterplans & proposals by a multitude of Architects. 'Fish Island Futures' therefore became a forum for displaying and discussing the existing, emerging and proposed. The exhibition space, located in one of the heritage assets set for retention, combined a collection of 27 models from 10 architecture practices with a series of visualisations/project photographs & projected animation. The space was visited as part of 4 organised walking tours guided by representatives from BUJ Architects and supported by a total of 15 architecture practice representatives/planners/commercial strategists. Over 100 people attended the walks across the weekend. Rory Olcayto, Chief Executive of Open-City, commented that 'there is a fascinating story to tell about how architects are re-skilling, upgrading even, into citymakers' in reference to the exhibition and tours.