Flash Pack Digital Rebrand

  • Hayley Smeulders

Website rebrand that rethought the customer's purchase journey through seamless interactions and user journeys. Within a few days of the new website launch, the company made almost 10x their usual monthly profit. I was responsible for creating the UI design for the company's new rebrand. Working with basic wireframes, I thought about the customer's journey and touchpoints when designing each of the modules. I worked closely with the marketing and product team to ensure that I really understood the customers and how to best communicate the companies USP through the experience. Together with the developers, we worked with an agile methodology to quickly test and implement new designs using a digital component library. I defined the site's typographic styles, which colours were used from the new rebrand, and gave art direction to the images. The design was modular which meant the components were designed flexibly for the in-house team to manage and content upload.