Flink Drinks (BrandOpus Chrysalis Winner 2020)

  • Hannah Tunley

In response to the 2020 BrandOpus Chrysalis brief I created drink brand: Flink. With people looking for additional benefits from what they drink, Flink strives to be the perfect alternative to dutch courage. It's no secret that alcohol isn't the best thing for your body but a lot of people feel like they miss the 'buzz' of alcohol by not drinking. Flink contains adaptogens and nootropics, plus a bunch of other good stuff to boost your confidence, whether it be on a date, party or festival! See you on the dance floor.. This project went on to be selected as the winning entry for 2020.

Each drinks includes adaptogens and nootropics to give you that Flink feeling.
Social media is the perfect place to convey the Flink tone of voice.
Ads show Flink becoming personified, ready to hit the dance floor.
In line with recent times and the change in how we consume, Flink comes in multi-packs to be enjoyed from home too.