Florrie "Little White Lies" Official Video

  • Zaiba Jabbar
I'd been listening to the track on repeat and the lyrics have such an epic warmth and depth that it led me to think I have to create a powerful visual motif to use throughout the film as a metaphor for a little white lie.
I instantly thought of that moment in American Beauty youtube.com/watch?v=tB0th8vNLxo when
the white plastic bag keeps floating/dancing exhaustingly around by the wind.
A poetic, symbolic and slightly surreal performance led video. Using sophisticated and well considered art direc- tion focussed on the journey of a nomadic white plastic bag.

The bag represents the little white lies we all carry around with us that sometimes take over and cause a little chaos. This visual chaos will occur in a penultimate shot where we see the bag world flood the performance world. Essentially creating moments of the surreal en- hanced with smoke and wind machines. I’ll explain this in more detail a little later on.
It was great fun experimenting with the different weights of bags and using a combination of leaf blowers and wind machines to create a vortex so that the bags would stay afloat