• Zoey Barton

After working with the charity for a few years as their photographer and volunteer, I started work as one of their designers. I briefed them on my ideas surrounding the introduction of a simple style guide enabling to consistent colouring and logo use across all platforms. This would allow for peer review from all social media volunteers before posting content on behalf of the charity. With the colour style guide set to aid in the design of promotional material, I started with an upcoming event for the charity, the May Gala Ball. ​ I began by selecting the image photographed by myself in Kenya from my time as a volunteer with a overlay and graphical elements, and constructed this into the first iteration of the layout. Then, after factoring in the copy, I began altering the design in full. Throughout this process, design discussions were taking place between myself and the charity, such as attending a board meeting to present my ideas to the chairman and members for constructive feedback.. From this dialogue it came to light that the main point of feedback was the need for the graphic to be sat in the centre. This was to avoid cropping out the country of Kenya; the main country of focus for the charity. With this in mind I moved forward with the design to create the final version. This approach was taken with the following social banners, headers and profile designs.