Food Branding Concept: Digital

  • Fiona Fung

excerpt --


The story of Baldi began with an almond tree that grew in the backyard of our family home in Agrigento, Sicily. The rich taste of the almonds harvested from season to season were a tribute to the unique “terroir” of our region — the volcanic soil, Mediterranean climate, and August sun helped cultivate the signature flavours from the earth that awaited to be discovered and revealed.
Over the last two millennia, Sicilian cuisine has been influenced by several cultures that have existed on the island. However, the ingredients which formed Sicily’s reputation for flavours remained a constant over thousands of years — the same delicious quality which Baldi strives to bring you today.
At Baldi, our mission is simple. We source the finest Italian produce for you made from natural ingredients that never compromise on taste. From sweet to savoury, browse through our catalogue and look out for our nutritional facts next to each product to discover the range of healthy choices we have to offer. "