FOOD-TRENDS | Our plan to #BeatPlasticPollution

At Deliveroo, we believe amazing food shouldn't cost the earth.
Our mission is to bring customers amazing food in the most sustainable way, so we've made the following commitments to help beat plastic pollution:
Making plastic cutlery an opt-in. 100% of the restaurants involved in our UAE trial of opt-in for plastic cutlery saw a huge reduction in the amount of cutlery being used. And, since launching plastic cutlery opt-in in the UK in February, 91% of our meals are delivered without plastic cutlery – so we're introducing this for customers in other countries across the globe.
Encouraging the switch to environmentally-friendly straws. We've got a total of 1 million biodegradable straws to share with our restaurant partners, helping them to move towards more sustainable practices.
Developing sustainable packaging. We're making new, non-plastic eco-friendly packaging options available for our restaurant partners across the world. By the end of the year Deliveroo is aiming for biodegradable, compostable and recyclable options to be available in all markets – making it easier for our restaurant partners to choose environmentally friendly packaging.
And it doesn't stop there.
As part of our Beach More Amazing initiative we're not just delivering food to beaches – we're also helping to clean them up. And we're launching an e-Scooter and e-bike pilot scheme, making delivering food more environmentally-friendly, quicker and quieter.
Our sustainable commitments are for the long-term and worldwide. We think they'll help restaurants become more sustainable and help our customers to make more environmentally friendly choices – because amazing food shouldn't cost the earth.
Words by Natasha Graydon