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Operations DirectorIlford, United Kingdom
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Operations DirectorIlford, United Kingdom
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  • Jack Phillips - The London rider in Deliveroo’s Roo Races 2018
    Jack Phillips - The London rider in Deliveroo’s Roo Races 2018The Roo Races will be held in London at the Olympic Park. There will be two stages. First of all, riders will tackle the mile long outdoor road circuit, where lap times will be recorded. Then those in the top 16 will move indoors for an exclusive track session around the velodrome. Director: Santos Soto DOP: Santos Soto Edit: Santos Soto
  • Deliveroo | Brand Photography
    Deliveroo | Brand PhotographyAs part of Deliveroo’s brand refresh, repositioning their brand photography and bringing it in line with their updated tone of voice – where food matters. Food is shot from the perspective of the consumer after it has been delivered by Deliveroo. You are about to take a bite of a burger, pour Pho into a bowl, or cute into a slice of cake – food presented in a scenario that resonates with you. Its slightly imperfect, packaging within shot, maybe there are hands grabbing slices of pizza – it isn’
  • Glug Profiles: Deliveroo Design - Jonny Burch, Consumer Product Lead
    Glug Profiles: Deliveroo Design - Jonny Burch, Consumer Product LeadI spoke to Jonny Burch, Consumer Product Lead at Deliveroo, before his talk at Glug London. He told me all about how user research influences design decisions, the process of launching a rebrand globally and qualities the Deliveroo look for in people when hiring! As the recruitment partner of Glug, we collaborate to bring you an opportunity for you to get to know Glug’s speakers in the second instalment in a series of Glug Profiles. Hey Jonny, so you’re the Consumer Product Design Lead at Delive
  • Go out and empathise!
    Go out and empathise!How we’re using Experience Principles to keep each other honest at Deliveroo. In the last three years, the Deliveroo Content, Research and Design team has grown from a single designer to a team of nearly thirty designers, researchers and content writers, with no signs of stopping any time soon. (We're hiring by the way) This is great. It means we can support the product teams as they grow (over 250 people now work in our product and tech organisation), we have capacity and time to do better work, and we can also think about what processes, rituals and artifacts we need as we grow. We’ve grown fast, which means change in our team culture has happened fast too. We’re very proud of the (incredible) people in the team, but sometimes you need more than talent when there are so many moving parts and everyone is embedded in their own product team and project, with less time to all hang out. We’re doing a few things to help us grow well — including setting up a UI infrastructure team to work on our design systems, constantly iterating on how we critique and review work and improving our working patterns and team rituals. But sometimes even these are hard to share across our disciplines. The other thing I notice– helping the rest of the business understand what we as designers, researchers and writers actually do is a constant task. I get asked the question ‘what does the product design team work on’ more often than I would have expected — despite the fact that our partners in the rest of the business are very smart and technically savvy. The fact is, from the outside it’s hard to understand how we think and what we’re up to every day. While the whole company doesn’t need to know exactly how the magic happens, the basic principles of user-centred design, empathy and designing usable interfaces would allow for design thinking to permeate further into the company culture and also allow us to share a lexicon when talking about our work. We wanted to align ourselves and educate those around us, so we started talking about principles — if we can’t explain everything we do, we can at least tell people some of the things that we believe.
  • Deliveroo rider app
    Deliveroo rider appAs content designer on the rider app I work to create content that provides a better rider experience. My latest project was working on the App Store listing content.
  • Deliveroo Stickers
    Deliveroo StickersAnimated Instagram stickers to promote Deliveroo food delivery service in the UK. Animation by George Wheeler. See here for more: guy-field.com/Deliveroo-Stickers
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