For All the Women Who Thought They were Mad by Zawe Ashton

  • Camille Lesforis

This has been one of my favourite experiences at Hackney Showroom so far. The production ' For All the Women Who Thought They Were Mad' written by the famous Zawe Ashton ran for 5 weeks in Stoke Newington Town Hall. A captivating performance that exhibited the struggles, barriers and occurrences of the black female experience in a corporate work place. It relished in the analysis of stimulating discrimination in the corporate world touching on issues to do with natural hair, cultural clothing, single motherhood and mental health. I ran facility duties for the 5 week running of this production liaising with the lead project manager and producer. I also ensured that all audience members were informed of the facilities of the building and guided their needs where necessary. All health and safety regulations were a highlight of this role, as the performance was on a platform theatre and had to obtain the buildings safety requirements.