For The Love of Stuff

  • Alice Fraser

A visual and collaborative collection, exploring sentimentality and memories. Museums, galleries and public spaces are all developing new ways of entertaining us in a time when we are missing the things we love. Taking inspiration from how these spaces are responding to the coronavirus crisis, I collected and curated a series of stories all sharing treasured and intimate memories. They are displayed within a virtual space called For The Love of Stuff, a collection of artefacts that may seem mundane to some, but are treasured possessions to others. For The Love of Stuff is a museum of the experiences and memories that have shaped us all. The nationwide lockdown has caused us to reminisce about when things were better, and we’re spending time thinking about our precious memories. There is comfort to be found in the interaction with objects once owned by our loved ones, or objects that trigger memories from long ago, especially when we cannot connect physically. The website prototype can be viewed here: